Your Kids Need More Discipline

Motivation is not enough.  I’ve heard it so many times. Motivation is the supposed well-spring from which all wonderful things come to be. Did well on a test? He was SO motivated! Didn’t get the grade you want? Wasn’t motivated enough to study for it. That second part actually highlights the issue with motivation, and […]

SAT vs ACT: Which one should YOU take?

Before I go ahead and answer this question, it’s important to know what exactly standardized testing aims to achieve. It is essentially a benchmark exam which allows college admissions officers to compare your performance to that of the kid across the country who wants the same seat in school that you covet. A ‘scaled’ score […]

The Epidemic of Being ‘Well-Rounded’

Our ability to read and react properly to a situation plays a crucial role in our survival. That much is undeniable. Hunting for food, planning an assault during wartime, navigating office politics: these are all high stakes situations that require us to respond in real time and the consequences of a poor decision can be […]

The PSAT: Should you care??

I get a lot of questions every year about how seriously a student should take the PSAT. Subsequently, I hear all sorts of gossip about how it might be the harbinger to future success or that it doesn’t matter at all because colleges don’t look at the scores. Well, here’s the real answer: it matters […]

Snapchat is ruining your kids!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not about to bash social media because I use many of these applications. Facebook is for the big announcements, Instagram is the metaphorical shoe box of things that I keep, and Snapchat is used when I want to be silly but don’t care to keep traces of said silliness. They […]


My name is Jan and I’ll be sharing my experiences coaching students through various aspects of the college admissions process. I’ve been doing this for almost a decade, helping students navigate the proper courses in school, tutoring them for various standardized exams, revising personal statements, and finally, preparing them for interviews with various universities. My […]